Conference 2015

In 2015, we welcomed Keynote Speaker, Diane Raptosh. Raptosh serves as the Idaho Writer-in-Residence (2013-2016) and the Boise Poet Laureate (2013). We also welcomed Torbern Bernhard, a local documentary filmmaker that screened his film Transmormon.

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Conference 2013

In 2013, the conference expanded into a two day event with more than twice the previous year's panels. In addition to our Keynote speaker, Cheryl Glenn, we also welcomed local Utah activist, Mary Dickson.

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Before the 2013 conference, students in UVU's Writing for Social Change course were asked to create "Change the World Posters" for display in the conference's media room. Designer's name on expanded picture caption.

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The multimedia room also featured the following videos: "Let's Talk About Sex" by Tierra Healy and "The I Am Message" by Katie Jo Welcch.

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Conference 2012

2012 was UVU's first time holding the Writing For Social Change Conference. Below are a few of the images captured over the day, along with pictures of the students who took the first Writing for Social Change course in the English department.

First class Writing for Social Change English 2030 LA Table WSC Pencil Display WSC Popcorn Publicity 2 WSC Popcorn Publicity WSC Student Publicity WSC Poster abt Keynote Speaker WSC

Our first keynote speaker was author Chip Ward. Chip Ward is a political organizer, writer, and former library administrator. He co–founded Families Against Incinerator Risk, HEAL Utah, and other grassroots groups to raise awareness about the links between environmental quality and public health and led several successful campaigns to make polluters accountable. Below is the video of his keynote address.

Chip Ward on Writing for Social Change from UVU Distance Education on Vimeo.

You can also read the full transcript of Ward's talk here.

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