Writing For Social Change 2015

The Fourth Annual UVU Conference

Further details are pending and new site design is coming soon. However, the conference is coming this November and we are now taking submissions.

The fourth annual UVU Conference on Writing for Social Change will showcase the power of writing to change the world. We encourage students, faculty, and community members to take advantage of this opportunity to share their ideas with live audiences.

Social Change is a call for transformation related to the way people think and act. What societal problems do you see that need to be changed? If you are passionate about finding and sharing answers, this conference gives you the opportunity to raise awareness.


We invite a wide variety of submissions—academic research papers, essays, editorials, speeches, multi-media presentations, panel presentations, and creative works.

You can submit using the form below. Make sure to fill in all required fields and use the Upload Abstract field to include your 300-500 word abstract.