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   Nathan A. Toke (Ph.D.)
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Nathan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences within the College of Science and Health at Utah Valley University. He is focused on Undergraduate education and resarch related to active tectonics, earthquake hazards, and human influences and interactions with the environment.

Current Students (and project titles)

Chris Langevin (Paleoseismology of the Wasatch Fault)
Chris has been working with me, Joe and Jack to determine the earthquake history of the Wasatch Fault on Traverse Ridge.

Joseph Phillips (Paleoseismology of the Wasatch Fault)
Joe has been working with me, Chris and Jack to determine the earthquake history of the Wasatch Fault on Traverse Ridge..

Jack Wells (Paleoseismology of the Wasatch Fault and various SFM projects)
Jack has been working on a number of projects with me and Mike Bunds studying earthquake geology and tectonic geomorphology

Alison Stallings (Geomorphology of Pleasant Creek and Upstream Glacial Geology of Boulder Mountain)
Alison is very interested in volcanology, geomorphology, and glaciology.

   McKay Nelsen (Eruptive History, Faulting, and Hazards at Black Rock Desert)

McKay's GSA Abstract     McKay's Poster
McKay is directed toward graduate work in Volcanology. Currently he is developing an undergraduate research project related to the genetic origin of fault scarps in the Millard Volcanic Field, UT

Past Students (and project titles)

   Bret Huffaker (Geomorphic Change Detection through SfM, Geophysics, and Mapping)

Bret's GSA Abstract-2014     B's Poster

Bret developed significant expertise with GIS, RTK-GPS, Shallow Geophysics, and Structure from Motion while tracking geomorphic change through time along Pleasant Creek in Capitol Reef National Park. He is now an MS student at University of Northern Colorado.

Lawrence Kellum (Interpreting Lake Bonneville Terraces - Faulting, Rebound, Modification)

Larry's GSA Poster-2013
Larry graduated in summer 2014. He is now an MS student in Geography at the University of Utah. With me Larry carried out a research project following in the footsteps of GK Gilbert and others by revisiting deformation of Lake Bonneville terraces due to normal faulting and isostatic rebound post-Bonneville time. Larry's work was presented at the 2013 annual GSA meeting in Denver, CO. He has also played a large research assistant role in our Paleoseismic work along the Creeping Section of the San Andreas Fault.

Kade Carlson (Paleoseismology of the Wasatch Fault at the boundary between the Provo and Salt Lake City segments)

Kade's GSA Poster-2013
Kade presented with me about the Wasatch Fault at the 2013 GSA annual meeting in Denver. We have documented evidence for multiple surface rupturing earthquakes across the segment boundary. We're now working on a NEHRP project to determine the timing of these events. Kade is now finishing up as an MS student of Sean Bemis at the University of Kentucky. His MS research establishes the first long earthquake record for the western Denali Fault. I was delighted to take part in his Alaska research. Check out his 2015 AGU Abstract and Poster!

Ephram Matheson (Coulomb stress analysis of the Wasatch Fault across the Provo and Salt Lake City Segments)
Ephram worked on Earthquake geology research along the creeping section of the SAF and the Wasatch Fault. He's also helped me teach GEO1010 several times. He is now graduated and working for a materials testing lab in the Salt Lake area. Ephram is currently seeking a graduate program.

Jason Thomas (Mapping Quaternary Faults across Traverse Ridge, UT using LiDAR)
Jason used GIS, LiDAR, and field assessment to map active surface faults and assess their kinematics along the segment boundary at the Traverse Ridge salient.

Michael Arnoff (Paleoseismology of a natural exposure of the Wasatch Fault near Alpine, UT)

Mike took advantage of recent incisional events in the piedmont channels near Alpine UT to document Holocene ruptures along the northernmost Provo segment of the Wasatch Fault. He now works for Western Engineers and Geologists in WY. Check out Mike's Linkedin Page

Andy Simister (Fault Kinematics of the Timpanogos Cave, UT)

Andy's GSA Poster-2013
Andy is a Cave hound! He completed a project structural features within the Timp Cave system to refine the geologic story related to the origin of the fault system which is responsible for the cave system.

Jim Anderson (Deciphering rupture from creep in Paleoseismology)
Jim went on to complete an MS degree in Geology at Oklahoma State University. He now works for Devon Energy. Check out Jim's Linkedin profile

Jeff Selck (Jeff of all trades at the Dry Lake Valley Paleoseismic Site)
Jeff is now pursuing a Geology MS at BYU. Jeff provided assistane on many helpful tasks in our team's assessment of the Dry Lake Paleoseismic site including handlogging, photologging, and sample collection.

Nicole Abueg (Geochronology of the Dry Lake Valley Paleoseismic Site)
Nicole is a Geology graduate from UVU. Nicole has a solid background in Geology and Chemistry, which helped our project as she was the Geochronology lead in our Paleoseismic study of the creeping section of the San Andreas Fault. She's now working for a lab in Salt Lake City.

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