Policy governing the Research Server

The purpose of this server is to provide a web environment for academic content related to faculty research and other scholarly works at UVU. Faculty currently employed at UVU may request space on this server, to be restricted to the conditions stated below:

  1. No content, links or information on this server shall violate State or Federal laws. Privacy rights of individuals must be absolutely respected. Copyright laws are to be strictly followed. Principles of web design must conform to accessibility standards of the Federal government.
  2. No page or content can constitute or promote a commercial purpose. No page may be used to sell or advertise any product or service.
  3. Inappropriate or illegal content will result in the immediate removal of authorization to post material and deletion of all files and folders. (i.e. copyright material, mp3ís, etc.)
  4. The faculty member responsible for each page is responsible for all materials on that page.† Materials posted on this server must have application to a course of study or to scholarly activities. Principles of academic freedom will apply to this material. As a rule of thumb, content which would not be censored in a classroom cannot be censored here.
  5. The primary focus of this server is to provide a means to provide information that is NOT official UVU information, yet has clear academic value, to students and the community. Where not absolutely mandated by law, information should not require password access.
  6. All official department, school, organization, entity, or catalog information will reside on the main uvu.edu site.† All research areas can link to those, but no official information will be posted on the research server.
  7. Faculty members who are denied access to the server as a result of violation may appeal through normal administrative channels.
  8. No phone numbers, photos, personal information, or personal sites shall be posted on this server.† There are other available options for this type of content, including space on the UVSCNet system.
  9. Posting course materials outside of the Blackboard Vista) server is generally discouraged, however, minimal coursework can reside outside WebCT when needed, but must be linked to from within Blackboard.† This will help all our students utilize the Blackboard system as a one-stop area for all coursework even that which resides outside the system.
  10. All scripting, database, and application development must be approved by the Office of Faculty Affairs and a review committee on a case by case basis.
  11. All comments, concerns, enhancement requests, etc. should be directed to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Details of Web Operations

  1. Each faculty member will be allocated 20 megabytes of storage space. Additional space will require approval of the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  2. Faculty members are responsible for maintaining backups of all their files.
  3. Files not updated for 6 months, and those for faculty who are no longer employees of UVU, will be deleted.
  4. Sites should be constructed to provide for limitations in bandwidth and slower access speeds.
  5. Regardless of the page content, links to sites containing illegal materials are not allowed.
  6. Official UVU information must be posted on the uvu.edu official site.
  7. Professional Bio information should only be posted in the ProfPage system.
  8. Coursework should only be posted on the courseinfo.uvu.edu (WebCT) system.
  9. Personal information can be posted on the UVSCNet system.