Strip: A Novel

"Exiled from yourself, you fuse with everything you meet.  You imitate whatever comes close.  You become whatever touches you."  Luce Irigaray, This Sex Which is Not One.

Strip is my MFA thesis, a novel about going to extremes.  It centers on a twenty-something, angst-filled, body building woman who likes to shoot guns and feel lust in the deserts of Phoenix.  "Not Quite Peru" was published in Ploughshares, Tasting Life Twice (Avon, 1995), and Mormon Fictions (Signature Books. 1998).  "On Stage" won a Poets and Writers Fellowship, a Utah Arts Council Award, and was published in Prism International. Some of these chapters are available below.

1.Not Quite Peru
2.The Ones I Love 
4.Church of the Rock
3.My Capacity to Commit Violence
5.On Stage
6.Driving and Almost Happy in Phoenix
7.Pain and Sinning
Chapter Synopses