3430 Day 9

See Day 8 for notes on ...?


--Handout: Lee's Lecture Notes on Dialogue


Character Sketches for your Monologue or for your Current play due Thursday
Elements of prose/fiction (vocabulary), and thinking about Todorov's the fantastic (T. Todorov):

Magical realism (from Purdue or Wikipedia?) is probably more like the latter…
Where do we see these things in the plays thus far?

Generic Event Grid from Naked Playwriting as possible 3 act structure

Character (see appendix B)




Day 7 Lecture Notes

--Handout: Lee's Lecture Notes on Dialogue

--Handout: Lee thinks about possible screewriting structures like the Three Act Restorative


Lee's Lecture Notes:
Playwriting structures; Hero's Journey/monomyth and formulas; Realism as a combination of comedy and tragedy (mythoi)? or Irony?

An event grid for Six Degrees

1. Structure--3 act restorative from Alternative Scriptwriting (NP p. ?); a screenplay structure; traditional Freytag's Triangle; more specific traditional Freytag's Triangle;

9. Uncle Vanya--Serebreyokov
10. Waiting for Godot: a stage scene
1. The 10 minute play should be about 10 pages of play script long; have only one main event or epiphany or change that happens to only one or two characters; usually one scene or less (a few French scenes; very little props, and a very simple set
2. set up Twilight...based on interviews with people who were involved with or close to the 1992 LA race riots after Rodney King's police beaters were acquitted.
3. Watch Tomlin's monologues in Search for Intelligent Life


Chekhov's Uncle Vanya Act 1 and 2 (also in the library)4. Unkle Vanya--lines that zing: "his liver bursting with jealousy"; ASTROFF. Is she faithful to him? VOITSKI. Yes, unfortunately she is; .perhaps you will be so good as to notice that I dine with you every day; A fine day to hang oneself.; Because men are too lazy and stupid to stoop down and pick up their fuel from the ground; the doctor was right, you are all possessed by a devil of destruction; you have no mercy on the woods or the birds or on women or on one another.;

more on Rodney King's beating and the 1992 LA riots...and reginald denny's beating footage

LaButte's climax p. 24, 25...O'Henry snap p. 29...denoument p. 29

An extended "Freytag's Triangle" event grid (see NP ch. 3 p. 75, and/or my ch. 3 notes) for A Doll's House or any other play you've read or watched recently (ex. 4?) except Six Degrees--in other words, fill in the Naked Playwriting "event" grid (or character action/emotion grid) with what you think most corresponds to the events/moments/ideas in your chosen play as well as you can remember it.  Try to also compare different versions of the play if you have those at your fingertips. Or talk about how the play you are looking at violates some of the traditional event grid elements.  See my grid notes on Six Degrees for more ideas (and questions that might help you fill in your own grid).