Lee's Additional Lecture Notes day 6:

Character-based writing and the Restorative 3 act structure

NP ch. 2--Broad types like comedy--The Importance of Being Earnest Act1, part 1; and tragedy (like LeButte's Bash) vs. mixing mythoi; p. 27 realist like Ibsen's A Doll's House--no need to provide solutions;

Theater of the Absurd includes Waiting for Godot and Rhinoceros (a link to these authors); a history; Godot and Abbot and Costello (1930's and earlier, a part of Burlesque); the state of audiences today from NPR; from WiseGeek; from Theater Database;


Epic Theater includes Angels in America Part I and II...

3 act restorative--what is the restorative part? In older forms, it means restoring order, but contemporary works, or absurdist works, may not do that...Rhinoceros starts with some order and ends in chaos

.Schools: Northrop Frye's Mythoi; Romantics and the Hero's Journey/Monomyth; Realism and A Doll's House; Expressionism and Death of a Salesman;

?--Handout???: Lee's Lecture/Reactions to NP ch. 2


--Reading of and discussion of Six Degrees; play-on-the-page vs. movie, with a writerly focus
--More 1959 A Doll's House (Act 2; foreshadowing; character flesh; themes)

-- A quick lecture on linguistics and why you are dead (Re-presentation vs. creation)
11. More arguments against Subjective Reader Response--when you use your identity laundry list to judge a text or make meaning with a text, you run into the problem of dismissing it, or liking it, because you can, or can't relate...
3. Alienation, Epics, and Bertolt Brecht ; the dada art movement (and absurdity; and the meta questioning of what art should be--see Duchamp's "Fountain" etc.)
4. Absurdists like Samuel Beckett
5.Quick intro to Barthes' Texts of Bliss vs. Text of Pleasure; G. Stein's Tender Buttons as Text of Bliss.1

6. A few sample reading reactions.

--In Class Daily writing