3430 Day 4
Exercise 3—Ultimate Playwriting Exercise, Absurdism Edition—you might only have the brainstormed lists of characters, props etc. for Tuesday
…and Workshopping with craft comments (see previous day 3)

More on Monologues, and “Iphegenia in Orem”

Realism and A Doll’s House (or is it naturalism?)

Realism and Six Degrees

Theater of the Absurd includes Waiting for Godot and Rhinoceros (a link to these authors); a history; Godot and Abbot and Costello (1930's and earlier, a part of Burlesque); the state of audiences today from NPR; from WiseGeek; from Theater Database;

Theater of the Absurd, and Laurie Anderson



Avoiding ideas that are, as Mamet says, "cleansed of invention" or cliched or overdone or overly physical (ch. 1 p. 18--see ch. 1 notes)...


Lee's Additional Lecture Notes:
1. Playwriting Vocabulary (in progress)
2. Prose/fiction vocabulary to know.
3. Where did your pitches come from? "Germinal Ideas" p. 1
2. Freytag's triangle, in media res, and elements.
4. Making playwriterly reactions to pitches in Canvas in class--think about the general criteria from NP.

--More on Texts of Bliss, and Jouissance and Edge
--Realism is not real...
--comparing absurd minimalism to lush realism (Godot vs. Dolls House vs. Six Degrees)
--Watching some of Six Degrees...what do we learn as writers?

Frey's Mythoi and the focus on ironic realism today (not many hard core tragedies get produced any more unless they're musicals)...

Where does Osage County fit with the Mythoi (p. 17)? Where does Rhinoceros fit (part 2 office scene)? Where does A Doll's House fit?

Freytag's Triangle vs. the Three Act Restorative Structure vs. The Monomyth