3420 Day 3
Sitting in a semi-circle since we are in a seminar-sized class, thanks!
Student asked how the workshop works—students give us manuscripts one day, we return with comments the next—see Canvas Discussions “Workshop Drafts Here!”
Student asked about grading

Look at more monologues/pitches—what can we start noticing about craft (see the pitches lecture notes)?

We want to focus on craft when discussing workshop pieces



Monologue theater: Lequizamo's Freak, and The Vagina Monologues (NP p. 28); some monologues are comedic skits like you get on SNL, though these can also have narrative and character complexity...here is The 3 Little Pigs in Shakespeare; Monologue Database

Julia Sweeny and memoir monologues: Letting Go of God (TED); and the full-length audio

Musicals are a different beast, even if they are Meta like The Drowsy Chaperone

Interviewing interesting people like Anna Deveare Smith does (NP 4)...to take complicated ideas from conversations and render them more simply; "to strengthen her reach" to learn from her opposites (Toughness)