3430 Day 13
Scott’s draft for next time—Jamece will start us off since she’s been so quiet.

I want to think about The Twilight Zone since Nate has a kind of Twilight Zone ending where we seem to cross into another time in history suddenly, the civil war…

Nate’s piece has a lot of humor, though the end does seem very sudden, not set up enough.  It is certainly surreal, and since it isn’t explained, it’s part of The Marvelous.  The cat’s with balloons may seem surreal, yet it’s not entirely since we can think of it’s possibility, and we can think of explanations…but it depends on if the cats are doing it themselves or not.


Lee's Lecture Notes:

The event grid NP p. 75...a formula? But parts of it might work for your monologues or play drafts...


Treatments vs. synopses?

What might have surprised you about your character?  Why does it surprise you?  What’s the character’s core desire? What could start your scene/play--the event or moment?  Where in media res, or in the middle of a scene, could you start?

--Handout: Lee's Lecture Notes on Dialogue

Othello in contemporary English (No Fear Sparknotes)...

Play writing format from Playwriting Seminars by Richard Toscan