3430 Day 12
Work on the 5 senses bedroom to see what other things you can discover about 2 of your characters—you can use things from your own bedroom, but try to push into fiction realms by imagining other people’s closets etc.
Nate’s play for Tuesday.

Dialogue and Character (more next time?)

Absurdity? Or a minimalistic questioning of what art is in Andy Warhol eating a Hamburger




Day 12 Notes



Day 10 Lecture Notes


older...Lee's Lecture Notes:
Ultimate Playwriting Exercise...take cards that aren't yours and write character sketches and dialogue for two of the characters, one setting, one prop, and one word...

An event grid for Six Degrees

Event vs. Inciting incident: what makes the audience watch vs. what makes the protagonist act (but really, these seem very easy to interchange)

Is Paul an antagonist? Is Flan? Is Ouisa the protagonist?

What is the protagonist's surface desire? What is their core desire? Rudy Salas in Twilight LA--surface desire might be that Latinos are taken seriously; core desire might be that racism in everyone stop; core desire might be that his sons don't get treated like he was treated

Political Theater: Twilight: Los Angeles (measured, getting to know the Other) vs. Amiri Baraka's (beat poet) "Somebody Blew Up America" (much more politically angry) vs. the Vagina Monologues (political theater, but also a performance piece?; Eve Ensler part 1 interviews, and setup @ 1:38; 4:06 "I bet you're worried...it's like the Bermuda Triangle--no one ever comes back from there"; Eve Ensler doing "My Angry Vagina"--it's REALLY angry--part 7 with interview spinets). 4. other monologues: The Flood part 1 and part 2; another The Flood; crooked braid;

6 Degrees text vs. movie endings (nihilism vs. Ouisa's souring MDA or major dramatic answer? Will they really change?)...

1. Karl Jung on the Shadow part of character: "Unfortunately there can be no doubt that man is, on the whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is."


1.More dialogue mimesis--avoiding plot progression, setting details, motivation explanations, backstory, total focus on the drama at hand ("But Henri, I've loved you since we were black children selling our bodies on the streets of Paris in 1983!"); soap opera as postmodern excess (vs. realism)

NP pp. ??? Inciting Incidents and the MDQ (major dramatic question, once answered, basically ends the play, at least traditionally)

Inciting incident in 6 Degrees (Paul coming into their lives/livingroom--being found with a hustler)

Oedipus Rex (!) MDQ is what (and is there more than one)? Why is Thebes suffering so much? Who killed Jocasta's husband Laius? Why didn't anyone do anything about it? Though the denoument is still longish once the answer comes...

1. Prose/fiction vocabulary to know.
2. "Garbage" from Sex, Lies, and Video Tape (and character neuroses)
3. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (or Elizabeth Taylor and character nuances)