3430 Day 11

Character and Structure

Generic Event Grid from Naked Playwriting as possible 3 act structure/formula

Dialogue and Character (more next time?)



Lee's Lecture Notes:
Student Play in Touchstones--read out loud to get a sense of character and pacing...

What do we comment on when looking at peer drafts?

--In Class Daily writing possibilities: brainstorm premises/themes/truisms that have always struck you, or that obsess you? These premises can also be things you hate, things that come from other overly well meaning folks, or TV etc. Do any of them give you an immediate idea for a pitch or a play?

Characters and rapid conflict exercises from Lerych...(do character ex. first like 50 questions in Metro)

Other Facebook traditional exercises...

Writing from the news like Guare...


1. Unkle Vanya and dialogue and "realism"
2. scenes from Twilight: Lost Angeles (PBS)


Heads up .??who will bring 12 copies of their play for workshop