3430 Day 10

Lee's Lecture Notes:
1. Deveare Smith interview, and a snippet of Mrs. Young-Soon Han from Twilight; 4 American Characters (including Han);
2. inhabiting the Other--Smith doing a rodeo rider "Toughness"--watch the full piece

look at film version of the climax in Six Degrees...

Ultimate Playwriting Exercise: brainstorm in class--characters with some details,

...the Rodney King beating (from CNN; ), and the 1992 LA Riots, and Twilight: Los Angeles--looking at and into opposites

--??Chekhov's Uncle Vanya Act 3 (or go see it in the library)--

??An extended "Freytag's Triangle" grid of your own 10 minute play or monologue (thus far): what's your premise or MDQ? Or is the MDQ an evil trope?



More from Doubt…what do we learn about structure and metaphor/analogy?

Workshop!  Your absurdist/existential pieces…some good absurdity, humor, and subtext!