A Sample Pitch from Naked Playwriting and Elsewhere



Playwright #4 (Working Title: Cry for the Moon)

I want to write about a woman who has traveled across country in a minivan.  She's running away from a horrible relationship.  Married three times, her last husband was a truck driver who loved to get drunk and beat up women.  The policewoman who arrested the wife-beater was a good person.  She didn't want to make the arrest but instead wanted to teach him how to control his temper.  The policewoman was kicked off the force because she cared too much.  The policewoman's son Max never recovered from his mother being unemployed and so he grew up to be a bum.  One day the son became so depressed about  his grades, he jumped off a bridge.  It's a sad ending, but sometimes life is sad.


Lee's Revision of the above (Working Title: Thirst):

So this woman--Kristen--is traveling across the desert in a minivan.  She is obviously a former soccer mom from Orem, Utah, but one day she just snapped after serving her kids apple juice and cookies.  She told them she was going out to get more juice, but she never returned.  So she drives and drives.  Then her van runs out of gas somewhere close to Winnemucca.  She walks in to town, her white Nikes getting dusty.  The first place she enters is The Golden Nugget casino, and she never leaves again!  This is where the play takes place.  She gets a job in the casino, and right now we see her in cowboy hat (and her less than white Nikes), serving drinks and getting hit on by the locals which she nervously brushes off.  But then someone new hits on her.  A WOMAN! Kristen has never been hit on by a woman before, and she isn't sure how to react.  Jackie is wearing a silk suit, and tips Kristen $100 even though she hasn't ordered any drinks.  Kristen is poor, of course, but she reluctantly takes the tip. Kristen has no intention of sleeping with Jackie, but Jackie isn't worried about that.  The envelope full of $100 bills in her silky pocket is more of her concern.  Will Lee be writing Oceans 14 in Winnmucca?  No!