4420 Day 9
I’m really liking a number of the list stories I’m seeing, the details that you could keep working on, or even the need to abandon the list format which has automatic gaps…I’m commenting in summary rather than by little detail like I do with workshop pieces
Discuss Touchstones and Warp n Weave Fall 2015 today or next time before workshop...the use of exposition and foreshadowing in some of the stories...the non-differences between fiction and non-fiction...the way to write poetically about cyborgs (and make it new)
Publishing or contests?
Gaps vs. Cliches—minimalism as a part of all our writing, or writing practice

Carver vs. Winterson part II:

Hero’s Journey or Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth

Characters that grab us, that are rounded and make us want to follow them even if the narrative is typical...
Some discussion of Winterson's style...
1. Prose/fiction vocabulary to know.
2. Share your exercises...
3. write a story similar in plot, tone, or style to one of the handout stories (Camoin, Cisneros, Carver)

Twilight Zone on Hulu--on character development, concrete details/props, and the rise and fall and rise and fall of it's narrative moments.What's the high point? Is there an O'Henry Snap (but of course)? Are the characters compelling and individually rendered, or are they merely there to further the plot? Or is there a mix of characters? Is there anything dated about the narrative structure? How would audiences now react to the characters and narrative? Write a 600 word writerly analysis due next time
--The &Now: Jaffe's "White Terror" p. 247+ (part of reading a story every day)