4420 Day 7
Workshop Stories?
What can we learn from Winterson pp. 12-14: coming of age means knowing the evils of the world

    1. Henri starts as an innocent, but is quickly jaded especially when they visit the brothel
    2. Her book draws us forward—what will happen next to Henri?  When will his innocence be shaken? 
      1. the brothel?
      2. villanelle?
      3. he certainly does change which novels are supposedly supposed to show…characters change, or the reader feels a certain pointlessness (supposedly)
    3. Some postmodern concerns with power that’s run amuck (Napoleon, Villanelle’s lover; the insane asylum)
    4. fragmented character—Henri ends up being mad, but he also has a young idealist self in the first section (but for how long?)
    5. The Marvelous?  Or Magical Realism (Remedios the Beauty in One Hundred Years of Solitude p.255)?
    6. Maximalism (not minimalism)
    7. Literature of exhaustion?  No
      1. ironies, yes, parody, not so much
      2. but Winterson isn’t doing a story about middle class people doing realistic middle class things
    1. POV and two voices
      1. Henri
      2. Villanelle
    1. structure—4 act restorative?