A few more words about Teralyn's story and Cisneros' use of kid voice ("My Lucy Friend..."a very precise, detailed, breathless story telling)...vs. Neorealism which is like Naturalism but more minimalistic (and The Bicycle Thief as an example of Neorealism but also of details that can add to theme and significance)

The importance of depth or exposition...see Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

A few zombie stories from Becker and ?


Barthes' 3rd term, laughter (like Barth's idea of parody being the last original move?)...p. 55...also that a text of pleasure isn't just representation;

Ashton brought up the idea of excess repetition (and Stein's Tender Buttons, but also Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham)

Derrida's use of Signifiers: introducing the idea of slippery connections and constructed meanings since all language is signifier, and the referent or the real is not accessible without language (and the idea of webs of signifiers mean that all texts are not representations of the real, but original combinations of slippery signifiers)

Lacan said when we enter the symbolic, we lose our connection to Mother