Lee's Lecture Notes:
Materiality: concrete/conceptual intertexts, and endings (and beginnings, too)

More on breaking Genres

More on YA award winners

ch. 14 Endings--p. 174 examples--ending with a reminder of the start, or with pithy, theme centered dialogue, or with a happy ending...; Leaves of Grass

The Passion: Henri ending with one poetic line after another

The &Now Zombie Flash Fiction Becker p. 224--the unique details vs. the cliches; the list of suburban zombies; the jokey ending

The endings of your stories/novels?

More on Barthes:

Lee's Lecture Notes:
--Publishing advice and using Writers Markets
--On-line journals like Exquisite Corpse
--Literary Agents for novels
-- Guides like Poets & Writers
-- Journals that take email submissions like Glimmer Train.

Revision basics: character development off the page with 100 Character Questions (choose randomly; you might include some of the more random details, or you might simply learn more about your character to help you hone their voice)...

Assignments due before class:
1. Bring a story to class to work on revision (on disk is best) ??

--The &Now: Spitzer p. 195; +Goldman p. 209+