4420 Day 21
Workshop stories due today?
Vote on if we want to workshop on Dec. 8th or have consultations.
Final revision is 2nd revision.  You could do a 3rd for extra credit perhaps if you get three workshops…
More details on regional writing for your Ex.
Back to Le Guin and non-extrapolative sci fi…and post-structuralist, feminist, postmodernist

Barthes 21-22, and the way critics won't look at a text of bliss like Tender Buttons or Finnegan's Wake...so when we look at reviews of In Darkness is that telling us we have a text of pleasure? Certainly it seems like a mix in this novel, and the review suggests the text is challenging...but not so challenging that we are left speechless or totally uncertain about meaning like we can be with dada art or deconstructive, postmodern stories like "How to Tell a True War Story," or Burroughs's Crab Nebula...


“Pure”--Children vs Young Adult voices and novels (and fiction vs. nonfiction), and some award winners from 2013: The One and Only Ivan; Bomb: the Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon; In Darkness