Day 19


p. 157 Metaphors and Similes, and the need for consistency? Or not if you're David Foster Wallace. What seems fresh? What seems old? What seems to need revision?

Temporality and Rushdie (audio), and Marquez, Milletti The &Now p.85+ ; Beloved

Novels: getting 60,000 words; The Great American Novel...

2. Examples of dialogue in The Hours and Camoin
3. Doing mimetic, or at least subtle, dialogue

Carver's "Popular Mechanics" (an example of one simple scene):



??Draft of Exercise 9--dialogue and character--choose/create/give birth to two characters--write a character sketch for each (10 questions from Metro--click here or check email)--then have them begin to speak to each other in media res--what would they say?  What would they not say?  What will their central conflict be?  How will you make them sound realistic (or absurd or random or postmodern)?

--The &Now: Wortheim p. 180+ (avant-garde, concrete/conceptual)