4420 Day 17
Who’s workshopping when?
Barthes p. 35 The Author is deprived of Meaning

Annie Dillard’s surreal strand of metaphors and analogies to help give texture to an Eclipse that has no words…(Total Eclipse)
Truth or that which is totally tedious according to John Barth (from my non-fiction lecture)
Sci Fi as extrapolation—usually it shows how life on earth is going to die, or has died…Le Guin doesn’t want to do this…







Old--POV from Architectures--first person let's the main character "speak the story" (143); multiple person (As I Lay Dying 145); and Brandon Sanderson: 1st Person; 3rd Limited and the problems of having fast POV shifts, or the good things about fast POV shifts (he makes some good points, though he is talking about some pretty simple/genre formulas).

Is Tolkein's Hobbit first person or third (Lee hasn't read it? First, and I can kind of tell because of the humorous voice describing the Hobbit's setting (an info dump as Sanderson calls it).

What about with your drafts (today's were 3rd limited)?

What about 3rd Omniscient (the narrator knows things the characters don't)?

Amelie and POV


--The &Now: Maza p. 148+ (Trickle Down Timeline from the 80's)