4420 Day 16

Paying hyper-attention to language, and how understanding signifiers can shift your approach to story telling...

John Barth--the only originality is irony and parody--exhaustion p. 72 (history repeats as parody); p. 71 death of the novel, and you can't redo the Bethoven's 6th p. 69 unless it's with irony, or if it's a parody...the Baroque, for instance, borders "on it's own characature" p. 73

Giving your characters a past (Architectures p. 105; ??Discuss Ex. 9?: dialogue and character--choose/create/give birth to two characters--write a character sketch for each (10 questions from Metro--click here or check email)--then have them begin to speak to each other in media res--what would they say?  What would they not say?  What will their central conflict be?  How will you make them sound realistic (or absurd or random or postmodern)?