4420 Day 15
Workshop Stories…see calendar, and Canvas Discussions, Workshop  2 Drafts Here!
Next time obituary and novel exercise due…
P. 111 Architectures: for a character you might be writing about, write an obituary (will you do a parody or pastiche obituary, or wallow in the fragmentation of a postmodern life in your obituary?).  Try to include a few things from the round character lists in Architectures:

Your Twilight Zone Story with character and an O’Henry snap at the end…

Pomo Laundry List
Let’s look at Nick Lake’s In Darkness, a YA novel, but violent, yet also uplifting in a way…do all YA novels have to be uplifting?

There are still more things to say about Winterson:



Nick Lake's In Darkness: a short reading and Lake's process: Gang Culture; a Library Review of YA fiction;


TBA?? Exercise ??: a new story from an exercise in Architectures which might lead to a better novel outline--see p. 30 (revisionist fairy tale); p. 91 all can be fun (play with POV and narrative structure, or the concrete form of your story); p. 122-123 (all of these anti-character exercises are interesting); p. 148-149 (all these POV story ideas are interesting). Upload to Canvas Assignments.


--The &Now: Cain p. 157+