Lee's Lecture Notes Day 1 - Fictional Worlds

  1. Roland Barthes and Texts of Bliss (Prose Vocabulary)
    1. crisis vs. comfort (one of the first binaries I noticed; remember that binaries are often ideological and harmful)
  2. Some writers, and painters, deal with the same subjects all their lives (See Edward Hopper who said he only ever  wanted to paint light on the side of a building); notice the narrative quality of his work too, though
  3. Scenes...Freytag triangles and the Restorative 3 Act Structure in movies, sit coms, stories, novels
  4. The Action film (hero loses daughter in the first act); The Western (for a contest)?  Traditional like and action film or Louis Lamour or John Wayne?  Or more modern like Silverado?  Or postmodern like  The Quick and the Dead?  Brokeback Mountain (see another of Proulx's Wyoming Stories in Best 99).
  5. F. Busch and writing advice: from Faulkner (don't write just charming things p. 7); from Steinbeck ("abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish...write just one page for each day" p. 7)—fiction isn’t often nice or obedient…
  6. Breaking up genres, mixing genres--Voices, secret chambers, and Cisneros; truth vs. fiction ("Is it true? Yes. Did it happen?  No.")
    1. Crossing genres--Truth and Fiction (John Barth)--mining the real, but also being open to creating discomfort or magic.
  7. Grotesques and conflict.

Old Notes:
Lee's Lecture Notes:
2. Quick intro to Barthes' Texts of Bliss vs. Text of Pleasure.  What puts us in crisis with language?  With Identity?  With realism?
3. G. Stein's Tender Buttons as Text of Bliss.
4. Writing exercises are risk-free and open-ended...
Balzacian Realism and Mimesis--naive? Middle class? For housewives in Nebraska as Delany suggests?
Realism started in the 1800's--many people still write using it's techniques ( portraits from the 1500's like Holbein vs. Rembrant? no, he has a style...photorealism like that of Chuck Close? no, that has a style too, the hyperreal, naturalism--the ugly and absurd)
Raymond Carver's minimalist "Why Don't You Dance?" on Canvas Files (isn't it avant-garde to cut out psychological details, adverbs, adjectives, and metaphors from your writing?)
Lance Olsen's list story (with Facebook style news feeds; Then &Now p. 19)

"Remembering Barthes" by Sontag
Winterson Interview
Evenson &Now Reading: part 1; part 2; part 3