412R Day 15
Questions for next time?  Yours? Mine?
Is Vonnegut really a transgressive text?  Transgressive in terms of Harraway’s cyborgian space that transgresses progressively--How or how not?
Holocaust 1978—a cheap, TV version with all the porno payoffs you could want… simulacrum of the holocaust starts to take over for “truer” stories…compare to Maus. 
What places in Maus give us clichéd payoffs, and what parts don’t?

Look at the transgressive/progressive part of Cyborgian space—the thwarting of systems of control, like the system of capitalist patriarchy has been replace with an “informatics of domination” (

What do you see in our texts that strike you?
Maus—the meta part where the father tells the son not to tell certain parts of his story because they aren’t polite (like how he decided which girl to marry)
As soon as Jose Arcadio…the blood that runs all over pp. 138—magical realism—no one is upset about the blood, but they are bothered  by the smell of gun powerder…