412R Day 10

David Sedaris Naked

Lisa Ling’s Our America

Ken Burns

Nabokov Speak, Memory—written from his own memory
“Faction” and more Capote

“Faction” and Laurie Anderson 216

Fantasy meets linguistics Delany p. 470

School boy scatology Breakfast of Champs


Breakfast of Champions: NYTimes review "gentle satire" vs. Barthelme's viscious satire? Students say it sounds like a kids picture book somtimes; I say it sounds like it's writing for an alien audience);

for a book we aren't currently doing...2. An introduction to One Hundred Years of Solitude (and Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and the postmodern; how do you read the time shifts of that first line?!? And then the "uncanny" or magical "discovery" of ice...

3. Magical Realism...a white, sterile introduction? Wikipedia's Magical Realism--the marvelous real--unexplained fantastical elements; (the) fantastic (T. Todorov): the uncanny vs the marvelous; the uncanny is when supernatural things happen in a story that can then be explained by "natural" law (R. Bass); the marvelous is when supernatural things happen in a story without explanations, yet they give off the feel of being "normal" (G. Garcia Marquez); Alberto Rios explores magical realism; MR and GGM; and another MR site about Marquez
2. Magical Realisms vs Fantasy and other speculative writing

3. Film samples (Kill Bill 1--pastiche/love letter to past Bruce Lee flicks; Network--identity as television ratings, and the future of Reality TV; The Quick and the Dead and meta-cinema)
4. Lee is thinking about banned art and books and obscenity laws (the Miller Test) because she is going to lead a discussion on The First Amendment and Art; speaking of Baudrillard's icons, let's look at Serrano's pastiche/bricolage? Rather beautiful, kind of like Robinson's grandfathers dawn views of heaven? Or is it beer (the Homer Simpson pastiche?)? And what does knowing it's in piss do to us? Other sacrileges like those Mohammed cartoons, or Bagley or Bensen--are these offensive? Depends on the reader--and thus we go back to Barthes' reader response treatise (the reader creating meaning with the text)...
2. Cha's Dictee; hybrid forms (like Laurie Anderson)--she says she wants to blur boundaries (161); about women suffering and transcending suffering; what is an Enemy (167) when the occupiers/enemies are always changing? The martyr (we white sterile types have never heard of) not ever knowing time/age, then Cha herself murdered by a stranger 7 days after Dictee's publication
3. Dictee: Japanese law all encompassing, taking over with it's perfect system that writes new laws on top of everything Korean (like the Encyclopedae of Tlon, or Naziism's systematically slow and thorough ethnic cleansing)