Maus I and II Page Notes

Maus I  
p. 25 meta p. 101 prisoner on the hell planet and suicide mom
p. 41 interuptions p. 111 kids killed
p. 53 Nazis with cat tails p. 121 cake
p. 54 Vladek has cleaning fetish p. 127 Dogs are americans

p. 60 Parshas Truma dream

p. 133 meta

p. 63 Jews could be killed in streets

p. 136 marriage

p. 66 pretends to be pig

p. 142 he rides Nazi train and passes

p. 70 threw coat away

p. 146 perpetual exodus/hiding

p. 75 aging father

p. 154 types get upset--some pigs are pigs, some aren't

p. 84 chronology

p. 157 capture and auchwitz
p. 99 personal fathers and sons and useless art p. 161 father burned mother's diaries
Maus II  
p. 171 meta--how to draw, and girlfriend as mouse, and Vladek's heart attack a fake when really Mala left him p. 259 the black hitch hiker and Vladek's racism
p. 174 META  
p. 176 reality is too complex for comics  
p. 189 wish for less and less (Nazis take more and more)  

p. 201 flies and art in mouse mask--time and place mix up and are meta


p. 202 the message? the press; I want my mommy


p. 203 the metaphor overall


p. 205 death = losing


p. 230 crematorium


p. 232 hungarians burning alive in pits