Pomo Anthology Introduction--Thinking of Antifoundationalism and Binaries—the world of black and white—Saussure/Structuralists say something to the effect that our minds function in terms of binaries, but Pomo/Deconstruction theorists and writers often disrupt the supposed simplicity of binaries stylistically or by writing about things the DWEMS never thought of as important…

...oh, DWEMS are dead, white, European males (or more precisely, Western culture and white, patriarchal ideologies that often control what is considered to be important or worthy of study and attention)...

Us vs them
Patriot vs. traitor/terrorist
Right wing vs. left wing
Man vs. Woman
Subject vs. Other (Simon de Bouvoir; Cixous)
DWEMS (foundational ideology) vs. everything else (antifoundational?)…


Sometimes you can start to understand deconstruction theory by starting to flesh gender binaries (and noticing how they begin to fall apart):

Masculine vs. feminine
Light switches/simple vs. dashboard of a Starship/complex
Muscular/strong vs. weak
Brute/rough vs. fairer/tender (here is a flipping of the binary which is often a feminist project)
Logic vs. emotion
Provider vs. nurturer