3420 Day 9
Touchstones or Warp n Weave today or next Tuesday.  Due today!
I’m really liking a number of the journals I’m seeing, the details that you could keep working on…I’m commenting in summary rather than by little detail like I do with workshop pieces
Publishing or contests?  Free contests are cool, like the “contest” Touchstones has for the best submissions.
Letters: Ann Beaty “don’t talk away your material” and guard your space!
Realism vs. speculative writing—our books have a lot of speculative writing, or speculative moments, but they don’t follow the formulae of genre writing: sci fi, fantasy, mystery, romance
Look at “The Tumblers”



Old Notes:

Free Indirect Discourse for character thoughts (free of italics, quotations, and "he thoughts")
2. Exposition...some of us use it well (and some of us minimalists hardly use it), like Rick Bass with his sudden flourishes (Owls p. 127); he also calls some of his short stories shaggy dog stories (something without plot), but also compares them to paintings with color flourishes...
3. Pacing...sometimes slow works, and sometimes it doesn't...

--journaling in class: image notebook by Melanie Rae Thon (pp. 30 What If): "every day record at least one image...use all your senses...what's the most striking thing [you] heard, saw, smelled, touched, tasted today?"

How not to write a reading reaction: Kansas