3420 Day 6
3420 Day 6
Workshop volunteers?
Revisions of workshop pieces…3 weeks after your workshop (see the calendar)
We easily spent 20-25 minutes on each piece today



Old Notes:

Publishing: knowing your market; read the magazines; look at their guidelines; try the New Pages for a list of magazines; look at The Paris Review for guidelines; look at the on-line and free Le Petite Zine (which mostly does flash fiction)

Cover Letters

1. Discuss workshopping--the rules (author shut up and take notes; reader don't make personal attacks).

Bring something to work on for Touchstones or Warp and Weave

2. Delbanco and originality--"personal" stylistics (language-based writing) vs. mimesis (plot driven writing) p. 133, 134
7. Brown on writing the Truth--our lives should not be more complex than our character's p. 98-99.
4. Things you have been learning or that strike you from Letters?  Durban's Hamlet parody p. 145; Abbot's "write it all down" p. 16
3. Who are your favorite stylists either in writing or film?  Lee likes Woody Allen (the middle period) and Charlie Kaufman/Spike Jonze, and, of course, the stylistics of R. Bass and R. Brown.

5. Mining "the real" vs. the proverbial writing what you know.
6. Some words on publishing...read the journals you want to submit to
8. Propaganda--happy or uplifting stories?  Where's the risk/tension?
9. The Internal Logic of a story--realism lenses (freytag's triangle) don't fit stories with postmodern strategies, or even minimalism strategies, or fantasy strategies...
10. Genre--bloody mail, ear-lessness (Twilight Zone), and grotesques of the southern forests (Flannery O'Connor's southern grotesques like Bass's Buzbee or Holingsworth--Southern gothic); Insane characters vs. Insane narrators (are these excesses postmodern?  or is it within the Horror genre?  Or is more like "the horror, the horror" of Apocalypse Now?  Or of The Heart of Darkness?); what is fantasy vs. the Fantastic (Todorov)?  Sit-com structure is interesting to think about because it is often used...
11. Lee's commenting
l2. Discuss workshopping--how to comment, and how not to comment.