3420 Day 18
Workshop stories to bring…?
Modernists and artists said, Make It New, so innovation was and is important for some writers…
Fragmentation as part of the Postmodern Condition, as part of the New

Cont. with Barthelme’s “The Rise of Capitalism” as Postmodern “Formula”
Revisionist Storytelling—building fragmented characters

Fragmentation and Exposition and Character…

“Regional” Writing: The Prophets by Brian Evenson

Structural Formulae, and how to bend or even fragment the formulae…







Old Notes:

John Barth's Chimera (the three part freak) part 2 audiobook, and Perseus's brother (siblings being extensive), Phelonoleze? "'You never criticize," I say'" looking at the ceiling (after sex). "I'm not a mythic hero. I never will be." Giving fairy tale characters 20th century neuroses. The pattern of mythic heroism...et. cetera.

Wallace's "Westward...": Drew/DL, the sychophant, "had a fatal taste for 1. polyester," and went around "calling herself a postmodernist. No matter where you are you don't do this...She made a big deal about flouting convention..." vs. Mark Nector with his "dignified reticence only the valued can afford," and Jack Lord of the TV show Hawaii 5-0. Mark and DL were married...the teacher who tells you how to write fiction, but not why...the dexter aluminum, the best arrow..."Ok, true, that was all too quick and too slow for background..." The funhouse (based on John Barth's "Lost in the Funhouse"--here it is in Word)

Pomo Parodies (Scary Movie, though some things are more low ball comedic, and some things are for gut laughs; some things are more complex; but even parody's follow formulae) and Pastiches (The Simpsons) and Picaresques (Tom Jones and the epic misadventure genre; the eating scene, however, is more absurdist in terms of antinomian sexual entendres)

Roland Barthes' Texts of Bliss (vs Pleasure)