3420 Day 17

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Go over exercises…

Your Revisionist Stories!?  Turn in a better draft next week…you can also read the John Barth story I mentioned last time, the Dunyazadiad which revises 1001 nights in some funny and bawdy and even beautiful ways (under Canvas Files)

Think about character with Pam Durban’s Letter—that we need characters with their own particular sadness or anger…we need more unblinkingness, and Morrison says p. 147

Adding a What If character Exercise from 3rd ed. pp. p. 99-107…use a character you’ve already been writing, and complete one of the exercises…


Postmodernism and Narrative



Old Notes:

Grand Narratives, Hero's Journey

Youtube on the Hero's Journey

Freytag's Triangles can be complex (Veloceraptors)


Mary Klage: postmodernism wants to have fun with the empty randomness of life and language (vs. modernism)

Virginia Woolf: modernist Mrs. Dalloway vs. postmodernist biography parody Orlando (an intrusive, egotistical, overly flowery narrator, excessive subordination, metafiction)

John Barth says the only originality we are left with is parody...

Donald Barthelme's "revisionist" story Snow White (antinomianism; parody; short circuit; excess tangents). Giving fairy tale characters 20th century neuroses.

The Stinky Cheese Man (revising classic children's tale with postmodern strategies like parody, metafiction)

John Barth's "Dunyazadiad": metafiction--stories within stories, 20th century neuroses, John Barth as an intrusive author/genie; antinomianism (sexual taboos on display).

2. Texts of bliss and pleasure.

--(if you haven't read it already): Donald Barthelme's hard core pomo story "The History of Capitalism"


1. Semiotics and the mixing of high and low: R. Barthes' essay on WWF and Greek theater.

Older pomo story ideas...

Realism--John Gardner on Open Fiction Project (vivid and continuous dream)

banned books make kids read classics...