3420 Day 16
Finish workshop with Michael’s horror story
Start discussing Postmodern fiction strategies (from the 70’s, that are still used in fiction now): Lee’s Pomo Laundry List

All with an eye toward Ex. 5, the revisionist (his)tory story which may involve some level of parody/irony




Old Notes:

the Pomo Laundry List;

-Lance Olsen's critiques of Realism from Architectures of Possibility

Ex. 6--Postmodern Revisionist Story!

-Handouts: Hassan's pomo list

Skin by pomo writer Shelley Jackson

The Story of Story (a kind of hypertext fiction/pomo story from the Alternative Culture Blog)

...from hypertext publisher Eastgate


Lee's Lecture Notes:
1. Workshopping the strange: label the pomo-esque strategies being used; try to tell the author what effect their oddities are having on you; how much does the text try to ellude meaning?

Hero's Journey structure (Joseph Campbell's Monomyth from Berkeley)...and how pomo fights against it; (the steps; Writer's Journey explanations/graphics including the Heroine's Journey; a video showing examples from Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Matrix etc.)