3420 Day 13
Workshop stories…
Homework for 13th
No class 15th and 16th only!

YA Novels can certainly interesting for adults…
Young Adult Fiction and Nick Lake’s In Darkness: A non-clichéd novel about two protagonists who live in extreme poverty and violence





Possible Outside Reading Reactions: ?? Current UVU Theater productions:


6. Barthelme's continual short circuits, his pastiche of other voices/tones, absurdity

Capitalism and short circuits and fragmentation.

1. Workshopping the strange: label the pomo-esque strategies being used; try to tell the author what effect their oddities are having on you; how much does the text try to ellude meaning?  Where does it work best for you?
3. Signifiers and signifieds - webs of meaning - everything is language, and language gains meaning only by it's intertextual nature--thus, everything is intertextual and nothing is really original (there are no pure texts of bliss). 
4. W. Gass's "the better word, the better word, the better word"
2. Duchamp's dada (anti-art) readymade instillation Fountain (a urinal); Picaso's Ready Made Bull;  concrete/conceptual works like Baldessari's; Rachel's Found piece (a great lead in to a potential larger story)
10. Wikipedia as pomo (wikiality--truth by consensus)

DFW and "Lyndon": the "fake" news releases p. 93; the former typist p. 85; the start of the surreal relationship p. 77; televised address, 1967 p. 104; meeting with Lady Bird p. 104