Modernism vs. Postmodernism (see Klage's quick demarcations)Modernists like T. S. Eliot (Prufrock) or Virginia Woolf (Mrs. Dalloway)...

Hard core postmodernists like Donald Barthelme (see the funny story "Capitalism" for next time; Snow White - antinomianism; parody)

Neo-postmodernists like Lorrie Moore ("Real Estate"--excess of metaphors; fragmentation of the self), or David Foster Wallace (revisionist history; antinomianism; fragmentation of the self)

Thinking about Emotional Tension with "Real Estate" (and her extreme (?) use of exposition--makes me jealous);

David Foster Wallace's "Empire" story--very metafictional in places--a critique of the desire for the vivid and continuous dream of fiction, Aristotle's mirror being held up to reality (

??--Handout (hard copy outside my office?): John Barth's "Literature of Exhaustion" (a postmodern manifesto from 1967)

3. Making it New: John Barth's idea that Beethoven's 5th can't ever be written again (except as parody/pastiche); Barth's opinions about realism (is straightforward realism a literature that is exhausted?).  You can't write Poe any more...(except as an apprentice)
4. A note on "The Literature of Exhaustion" and reinventing the old... (from the Electronic Labyrinth, a hypertext fiction site)
4. Check out the "prose" on ubuweb--"Aspen".
5. Insomnia, a hypertext narrative.
6. Antinomianism and the obscene (Junot Diaz?)--Caldiero in Netxnews; Ginsberg's Howl; Ginsberg biography.
8. Pam Houston's narrative disruptions and time leaps, dehumanization, urbanism (sex in the city?),primitivism (the colorado river? men with beards and animal pelts?)--but is it pomo?
9. Realism vs. Maximalism and High Style...(lee's ism lecture); art vs. politics (the beats)