3420 Day 11—I continue to make my case that clichés are not the way to get noticed as even a genre writer
Workshop stories…
RR 3 due Oct. 6th at 11:59pm.
Lyndon (see character questions below first?):

Gordon Lish-isms (a famous curmudgeon editor from the 1980’s)

Guided Journal: finding character details via questions from Kat Mitchell (or these from the Gotham writers workshop)

Klages: Postmodernism is Modernism with a happier face--let's play in the nonsensicality of it all!
Pomo architecture--Sony/AT & T Chipendale building
Pastiche and The Simpsons
1. Discuss postmodernism (see my quick pomo laundry list), experimentalism, speculation, the surreal, the absurd; also concrete, found, sound, and conceptual pieces at Ubuweb (are any fiction?); Meltzer on Ubu; Diagram, an on-line magazine; Alex Caldiero (video); the clothesline project; Stein's Tender Buttons; John Cage; Alex Caldiero and the Avant-Garde.
2. Student Samples: Samm
3. Dream, a fragmenting, collage story by Lee.
4. "Real Estate" and excess...but still realism (one can recooperate the pomo elements into a safer space or more realistic space)
5. The frame-tale: Julavits' structuring a story based on wedding photos, thus pomo in it's fragmented structure.
7. Brown's sort of pastiching of genres like romance, gothic, horror; characters doing excessive things
8. J. Barth's Mobius Strip story
9. bell hooks laments that postmodern stories aren't getting published in "Postmodern Blackness"--she's not writing what black women should be writing...or work that is salable..
.1. Postmodernism in a nutshell--Lee's pomo web lecture; also Lee's "-isms" lecture--200 year history of American Literary/Art writing in a nutshell.