Exercise 5 part one comes from Lance Olsen's Architectures of Possibility, a book about how to disturb and upend the traditions of realism (in other words, it's a book about contemporary postmodernism).

Your task for Tuesday, Oct. 23 is to choose a favorite myth, story, novel, folk tale etc. and refamiliarize yourself with it (reread it, skim it, read a different version of it etc.) in preparation for part 2, your own revision of the story (a good start to that will be due Oct. 30).  Be sure you are very familiar with the "original" text!  Here is Olsen's exercise in detail:

James Joyce recasts The Odyssey (ca. 800 B.C.) as Ulysses (1922), establishing an intricate series of parallels between characters and events in Homer’s epic and his novel while shaping each of the 18 chapters into a new form and style that reflects its thematics. In Snow White (1975), Donald Barthelme resets the famous fairy tale in an absurd sixties commune in Manhattan peopled by seven dull men and one bored woman; coming to political awareness, the latter feels herself abused in her role as “horsewife” by the scripts that write her and which under scrutiny start seeming as outmoded as the fairy tale that she and her sidekicks find themselves forced to inhabit. Robert Coover looks to the Bible for his inspiration for “The Brother” (1969), retelling the myth of Noah and the Ark from the vantage point of the brother left behind to drown. Stephen Wright in Going Native (1994) re-narrates Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1902) by sending two affluent Americans from L.A. up a river in Borneo. Locate a fairy tale, folktale, myth, play, poem, short story, or novel you’ve always enjoyed, and retell it in a way that allows you and your reader to see it with fresh eyes. You might want to consider changing setting, time,point of view, and/ or structure in order to employ the past to create something new, and not new, and not not new.

Olsen, Lance (2012-03-12). Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing (p. 30). Raw Dog Screaming Press. Kindle Edition.