Lee's Two lies and one truth (from What If by Bernays and Painter):

I was stopped by Russian police while on my way to the Moscow airport this summer. The young one asked for my documents and I handed him my passport hoping I wouldn't have to pay them the last of my money as a "fine". They talked and talked and pointed and pointed, then the one who spoke English said, "If you give us a kiss, we won't take you to headquarters." I smiled and said, "But I have a plane to catch. Maybe another time?"

I waited and waited for the taxi to come get me outside the club. They had already turned off all the lights and it was dark and I was hungry and hoping not to be mugged or called a fag or a poor dresser. The taxi finally came. He was friendly enough. He said, "I've studied French for a long time. As in French kissing." How nice. At the Dee's he said, "Come on, give me a kiss." "Oh, alright already," I said, and I did.

She came up to me at the bar and said, "My girlfriend told me I needed to make out with someone. She thinks I'm getting stuck in my ways." I said, "Well, I never say no to making out." She said, "I'll keep you in mind," and she walked over to the pool tables. A little while later her girlfriend came up to me. "So, what are your political views? I need to know. I don't want Ann kissing just anyone."


So, what is believable and why?  What isn't and why?