Lee's Lecture Notes Day 8:
Marx on women...(important, even if ugly)

The language of patriarchy like HIStory vs. HERstory, or ChairMAN vs. Chair (Jessica Yellen, the new Fed chair, wants to be called chairwoman), and the supposed silliness of feminism; stereotypes against feminism are seen as a patriarchal way to keep women/feminists in their place (Limbaugh's feminazi to refer to any woman who plays the woman card)...

Discuss cultural production of socioeconomic and patriarchal ideology (where does the power come from? From ads that are created by and for the top 1% of the bourgeoisie; what do cultural productions during the Super Bowl tell us about culture, and how do they shape culture?

Biological Determinism of our hormones becomes the ratinale to justify the normativity of gender roles (or the patriarchal idea that these roles are biological), but how is this used to also critique and shame people's gender displays?

Conspicuous Consumption and Gatsby; portrayal of women in Gatsby (and in the Redford film);

Olsen and Freud and Marx and Feminism...

Friedrich Engels and Women selling themselves on the husband market (not quite half way down), and the Protestant Nuclear Family (that only exists inthe mid to upper classes); Jane Austen and women who are dependent on men and class mobility for their livelihood...

Jean Kilbourne's famous Killing us Softly 3 cultural/feminist analysis of ads, looking at these cultural productions to see how they sell us Capitalistic ideologies, but even more than that, how they sell gender ideologies that are harmful to women and men in terms of objectification and dehumanization...--Feminism (my lecture notes) and Marxism; and Psychoanalytic theory; and French Feminism and Materialist Feminists (European Marxists); and gender studies;

--the male gaze and Star Trek "Mud's Women" 4:06

Girls and Math 3:30 she uses gender norms to discuss how girls learn differently than boys (girls are more collaborative, boys are more competative); boys and school from NPR; girls actually lag behind in STEM from HuffingtonPost


-- Pop culture and feminism and patriarchy:Kilbourne on Thinness--lesson plan; Big Love--patriarchy on drugs!; Hillary Clinton bashing; Legally Blonde; Star Trek "Mudd's Women"

--Vocabulary list for ch. 4

Film footage from the 1920's (so many things to comment on...)

History of the women's movment (Elizabeth Cady Staton) and first wave feminism; Susan B.Anthony and Staton

Betty Freidan and The Feminine Mystique (her posthumous death bio)

Looking for depth/significance in advertising: a video where Caroline Heldman looks at sex objectification (as opposed to sexuality as empowerment)

as disempowering (and thus harmful which is one way of synthesizing your ads' details into one big idea): at 4:42 she defines sex objects in terms of subject/object; at 5:30 she discusses the question about why women aren't bombarded with unclad males if sex sells...so it's not about sex, it's about power and values...6:20 the way women think in meta ways about their body positioning

Quiz #3?

3. Feminist practice with texts--the big black mama persona flips some hierarchies, but reinforces others--Tyler Perry's Madea.
4. Third Wave Feminism--Lacan, Judith Butler, deconstruction of gender binaries/hierarchies.
; another timeline; 1968 Miss America protest; Is Fashion a Woman's Right?;
5. Some more linguistics: slippery connection of signifiers and signifieds.
6. Intersexed individuals--a "symbol" of ideology being present even in the world of medicine, of sex, which is supposed to be absolute (Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body as literary example)

5. How are you a walking deconstruction of gender roles (how do you foreground the constructedness, the normative vs natural stereotypes associated with the signifier of your gender?).

7. Jean Kilbourne's ad analysis (making popular culture critiques highly significant for all audiences);
6. Chopin's "new" woman (critique of Victorian chastity and marriage, yet her lover sees her within this framework, maddonna/whore)
6. Drag queens, metrosexuals, and hairy legs...for later.

6. Lee's gyno(centric) lecture style.
7. Close reading and reading reactions

3. Finish discussing feminist theory; Lady Godiva using sex to get what she wants?.