2600 Day 5


Lee ended with the Oedipal stage (scroll down) last time, with good girl/bad girl core issues specifically...

Lacan and linguistics and Saussure...the separation from the mother/origin (petite object a) via language/culture/law of the father...

Oedipus Rex with Christopher Plumber on Youtube lays out the foundation of the Oedipal Conflict for men. Starts with a very dreamy/unconscious stop motion dipiction of Oedipus fighting Laius. Discusses the "dark shadow" being brought to light at 12 min. There is a lot of repression, denial, and general forgetfulness in the characters that allows for easy psychoanalytic interpretations)

--Marxist practice with texts. TED: How can fiction "change reality"? and ideas about Katniss, Darwin and socioeconomics
--Watch clips from The Great Gatsby.
--Finish psychoanalytical theory--make links with Marxism
--Popular culture--Sex in the City and consumerism (product placements)
--Vocabulary list for ch. 3

Spark Notes for Olsen's story (and the feminist, Freudian elements in the analysis are stated without much