Lecture Day 2

-- MLA Documentation from Dianna Hacker (you can also go to the writing lab in LI 208, or visit www.uvu.edu/owl for documentation help and other writing advice and commentary).

-- Death of the Author and biographical criticism--The Intentional Fallacy from New Criticism: the author is not a stable source of knowledge about a text's meanings, so New Critics will ignore the author's life. Only the text is a good source of textual knowledge.

--With and against the grain reading. 
--Write-up: share, and discuss.
--Vocabulary list for ch. 2

-- Jamaica Kincaide's "Girl"; a Marxist reading of "Girl"; cultural context; your interpretations?

Some Queer Theorists think that sexuality is fluid, or at least not a simple binary of straight vs. gay (see the Kinsey scale). Some theorists think even vaginas (your sex) is not absolute but interpretive--See Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

Critical Theory--getting meta, or analytical, about theory which is Tyson's main project (she analyzes the analyses, if you will; like a film critic talking about film criticism; like The Simpsons Movie where Homer addresses the audience directly); studying the theories (vs. studying the literature with theories)

5. With and against the grain reading