2600 day 19 Lecture Notes:

Garbo and other Hollywood icons...

Sign=Signifier+Signified, and Saussure's groundbreaking ideas about language...

Synchronic vs. Diachronic and Levi-Straus ("This sentence sucks, but it has a structure like most other sentences I could look at right now." Looking up word histories in the OED is Diachronic)

Narratology: from Frye's mythoi, to even smaller structural units via Greimas and Todorov

Genette has a special place in my heart...see my narrative map of One Hundred Years of Solitude...



Today's Quick Notes

Deconstruction theory--Derrida's erasure of the signified (see Schole's linguistics history table that I refer to often in class)

5. Genette and narratology--analyze the beginning of Gatsby based on Order.

Semiotics and Barthes; Semiotics and Kilbourne as structuralist, feminist, semiotic, cultural theorist who does some levels of deconstruction

3. Deconstruction practice with texts.

Derrida, doing deconstruction, and some definitions...

Deconstructing Binaries: Objective/Subjective

In-Class Activities TODAY:
1. Write-up, share, and discuss.
2. Quiz #8 take home?????????
2. Quiz #9??