2600 Day 18


Semiotics-- the study of symbolic patterns in pop culture: Barthes studies the symbolic sign systems of wrestling in "The World of Wrestling" by saying it is structured like the spectacle of Greek Theater (and not about realism); in his essay "The Face of Garbo" he looks at Hollywood iconography in the head shots of female stars like Gretta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn (and Lee added the Face of Mia Farrow in Gatsby, and also the Face of Leo DeCaprio in the newest Gatsby--masks? Symbols of ecstacy? Screem and orgasm inducing faces?); Lee Also started thinking about the Paris Hilton Effect of women in Hollywood films (upper class women in film all pose certain ways (and are always posing),have to go to parties and drink and do drugs and have their phones handed to them like Daisy in Gatsby part 3)...
5. Genette and narratology--analyze the beginning of Gatsby based on Order.

Deconstruction theory--Derrida's erasure of the signified (see Schole's linguistics history table that I refer to often in class)