2600 Day 10 Notes:

Feminism (my lecture notes)

New Criticism


What ideologies did you see portrayed during the superbowl? Or during other TV or Internet shows you might have watched? And

Powerpuff Girls (conflicted patriarchal feminism)...

Female characters in classic Disney like Snow White who is easily bamboozeled...

Doritos Ad (with a passive mother needing to be avenged by her small son)...

See Feminist Frequency lecture above for video on Damsels in Distress; the subject object dicotomy at 10:00

Cixous's escriture feminine, or "Feminine," non-phallologocentric writing styles where the vagina is biologically priveledged as the structural logic for art and writing (much like postmodern writing) where linear narrative and the vivid and continuous dream of realism is troubled. See her "Sorties" from Pomo American Fiction p. 583 with it's lists and deconstructions and embracing of the biological...

More on advertising perfection: About Face for the "top 10 offenders" feminist analysis for teens; also see current ads that really overuse photoshop: Julia Roberts; Gwen Stefani; Dove's "Evolution" beauty deconstruction; "The Beauty Treatment" from Adobe

Sut Jhally's gender analysis of media (his "The Codes of Gender" doesn't seem to be available?)

French Feminists are often Marxists Feminists (Delphy), and/or Psychoanalytic Feminists who use biological determinism to turn sexism on it's head (Cixous and especially Irigaray)

Guillaumin's "sexage" and the objectification of women as unpaid caretakers...(Marxist criticism obviously has a hand in this) p. 99

Delphy's material feminism (2nd wave feminism)--the trivialization of women's work p. 98--and how some try to put a value on housework; Mary Daly's feminism; THE domestic Goddess, Rosanne Barr; Mary Daly AND Rosanne;


8. Pop culture and feminism and patriarchy: Kilbourne and advertising; Kilbourne on Thinness--lesson plan; Big Love--patriarchy on drugs!; Hillary Clinton bashing; Legally Blonde; Star Trek "Mudd's Women"