Shanna Omer


Blow Wind Blow

Blow wind blow,
My hands are bound but my heart is full,
It runneth over with the despair for a lost world
So full of hate, yet so full of hope.

My eyes are blind but my ears still hear
The cries of a thousand
That haunt my dreams, pleading for the help
They need but will not receive.

My mouth can speak but will not move
For the fear of the unknown, so in silence I sit,
Each new cry falling on a heart racked with grief
That I must bear alone
Blow wind blow.

The Great Ones....

I have shaken the hands of the Great ones
Sitting on the corner of 5th and south.
Waiting for my time for greatness,
But for now I stand shouting the news.
The Great ones come and give me a nickel
For that which I shout.
But they will not give me the break that I need.
I have shaken the hands of the Great ones,
And they have shaken hands with me.