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Lee's Poet Picks

Sylvia Plath - Ac. of Am. Poets
Sylvia Plath Forum

Wendy Bishop

Maxine Kumin (interview)

William Carlos Williams

Elizabeth Bishop's "Anaphora"

Dylan Thomas Home Page

Adrienne Rich (a bio and essay)

Marilyn Hacker

Sharon Olds (bio and links)

Sherman Alexie

Julia Alvarez (a bio)

Walt Whitman (a bio)

Robert Frost (his friends...)

Carolyn Forche (bio and poems)

Dorothy Parker (funny poems etc.)!

Emily Dickinson

Neurotic Poets


Given Forms

Haiku for People (Basho)

American Tanka

The Sonnet (two types defined)

A Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop

Villanelle (Dylan Thomas)

Maxine Kumin's neo-formal poems

The Sestina Challenge

What is an Ode?


The Experimental

Poetry Loop (hypertext poetry)

Spam Haiku (archive)

Computer-Generated Haiku

UBU Web Poetry (on-line only)

La Petite Zine

Poets on the Line (on-line only)

Word Circuits Hypertext Poetry (on-line)

Electronic Poetry Center

Grist On-Line

Aha!  Poetry Page (submissions etc.)

Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons

The Traditional

The Atlantic Monthly (poetry edition)

Coach House on-line Books

The American Verse Project (archives before 1920)

Project Bartelby Archive

Project Guttenberg Archive

Poem Finder (look for a specific poem)

What is Poetry? (some arguments)

Sulfur - a magazine of modernism

Scribendi - the national undergrad. honors journal

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