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Lee's Author Picks

Neil Labute - Salon Interview
Neil Labute - About
Neil Labute - Reviews of

Tony Kushner - Salon Interview

Tony Kushner - HBO's Angels in America

Sarah Kane - Chaos Theory
Sarah Kane - Crave Review



The One Minute Play (an exercise)

Thorton Wilder speaks about plays . . .

Practical Playwriting--A Guide

Playwrights Cafe (cool web site)
Young Playwrights Inc. (cool web site)
Screen and Playwrights Homepage
The Theater Index

Festivals and Publishing

American College Theater Festival (Feb. 2000)!

Theater Journal (publish work here)

Creative Writing Central (publish all genres here)

Storymania (a place to sell your work)

Playwriting Contests from AACT
Opportunities for Young Playwrights
(contests etc.)


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