2250/H Day 9







2 quick but specific writerly comments about Touchstones or Warp n' Weave

1. Do you have a better or worse idea of what poetry is now?
3. Prose poems.
9. "Chopped Prose"--what of Charles Bukowski?
3. Thinking about revision-- What to do with workshop comments-- Revision advice (incubate!).  A page of Howl under revision; Bukowski, Ariel under revision

Discuss the Hopler reading; some of his poems

1. Discuss what we learned in our magazines.
4. Making workshop comments (focus on what surprises and what doesn't, and why; what makes them poems?  Where do they break away from expectation as in texts of bliss?).
2. Discuss my commenting style-- Lee's Commenting Guide
6. ...The better word, the better word, the better word...
W. Gass on revision
8. More on clich├ęs...
10. Commenting on work as if it were your own--how would YOU revise your peers' poem?
12. Risk?  Tension?

1. ??Exercise 3: the acrostic poem organized using the first letters of your name and the bulleted prompts on p. 74.  See my sample (be ready to display it for the class).  As you revise this, think about p. 274's advice on cutting to add density.
2. ??Exercise 4.
A found, concrete, or conceptual poem
3. Bring digital copies of poems for in-class revising (save your documents as MS Word 2003 or earlier, or as an .rtf file).

2. Discuss publishing--go to our course publishing information page.
7. More on publishing--cool new e journals,
http://www.locusnovus.com/  ;  http://www.bornmagazine.com/ ; http://monkeybicycle.net/  ; http://www.terrain.org/  ; http://www.altx.com/ebr/threads/threads.htm  
5. More on publishing; Touchstones, Quarterly West