2250/H Day 7

Due Today: neoformalist poem
Who wants to bring drafts?
Due Next time: a lot of good comments on the workshop poems
Workshop Sheet on the calendar—how I comment using some of their ideas

Authors pass out your poems—we take them home to read and reread and write as many comments on the drafts as we can…then we discuss next time, Feb. 2
More from New Criticism…next time?


More Touchstones and Warp & Weave—a little now, but more on Tuesday
Creative Writing Club

Vocab du jour:


Your Free Verse imagery poems…volunteers?

Getting ready for workshopping…












old Lee's Lecture Notes Day 7: Hypnagogic States and Concrete/Conceptual Poetry

  1. Share exercises--where do the leaps of your mind (or mine) take us, and where can we get more concrete
  2. Concrete and sound poetry, and other forms: Stein's Tender Buttons; Alex Caldiero video, and the disruption texts of bliss.
  3. Thinking about poetic movements--Romanticism (Keats) vs. Modernism vs. Confessionalism (Lee's ism lecture), TS Eliot's modernist"Prufrock" or hear Prufrock vs. Plath's Lady Lazarus vs. Keats' Ode On a Grecian Urn: why it seems easy by J. Robinson; what an Ode is from Wikipedia...
  4. Concrete/Conceptual/Sound poetry: Stein's Tender Buttons; Alex Caldiero video, and the disruption texts of bliss.
  5. Ubu web at www.ubu.com;  conceptual (Baldessari; Burgin; Meltzter; Gertrude Stein; Alex Caldiero); found poetry defined; Bern Porter found poem from the 60s; the Ode (Keats), the Ghazal (Bishop's found ghazal in Metro p. 303); , concrete poems like Baldesari; Kim's found poem; Lee's found poem; Duchamp's Ready Mades; Eleanor's stuff on my cat webMore on found art--also Rachel's Found piece; Tim's Found Piece (yikes!)
  6. Duchamp's dada (anti-art) "found" instillation Fountain (a urinal, a "ready made")


Alternative Lecture Notes

  1. Transforming lumps and "chopped prose" (Metro p. 179)--Barry Lopez (sonnet; haiku).
  2. Bishop's idea of "movement" from Metro/poetry vocab