Lee's Lecture Notes Day 4: Form and Demystification

  1. Your haiku--looking at your violations of form, rhythm, image, even narrative
  2. Robert Bly's Leaps (Metro p. 181; kind of like Breton's surrealist description of the "hypnagogic state").
  3. Writing with the senses, and other concrete detail work (getting low on the scale of abstraction)
  4. Minimalism--Malevich's black square painting, and William Carlos Williams' "This is Just to Say"  (see Jan. 17)...a movement or form of art, poetry, fiction etc. 
  5. Form and sound in poetry (see readings, web); more on neo-formalism
  6. Another Haiku web site
  7. Poetry vocabulary: Endjambs vs Endstops (and rhythm); syneaesthesia (mixing senses)--in Keats; Ruddick p. 61, 62; parody